• Club Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines


Punta Fuego Yacht Club can accommodate superyachts, small crafts, or catamarans

Visiting vessels are welcome at the Punta Fuego Yacht Club. Subject to certain terms and conditions, mooring vessels may also get access to a host of yacht club services.

Visitors can use berths for a total of 21 days within a 12-month period subject to availability of the berth and upon prior arrangement with the Yacht Club Manager.

Upon arrival, visiting vessel owners and crew will be issued visitor’s passes, which will grant them access to the Yacht Club’s facilities. Visitors are required to surrender their passes at the Yacht Club office prior to departure.

Please note that premium rates apply for berthing and other services for visiting vessels.


Application for Membership
Application for Storage, Mooring, or Dock Slot

Members who wish to avail of storage, mooring or dock slots must submit the following to the Membership Manager:

  • Evidence of Ownership
  • Valid insurance certificate that meets the insurance requirements of the Club
  • Completed application forms of all crew members
  • Consent to sign an agreement upon arrival at the Yacht Club
  • Non-members may apply for storage, mooring or dock slot upon the endorsement of a Member


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