• Club Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines


Punta Fuego Yacht Club welcomes both members and visiting vessels

To apply for a storage slot, mooring or dock slot, Members must lodge the following with the Marina Manager in order to obtain approval:

  • Evidence of ownership
  • A valid insurance certificate conforming to the prevailing insurance requirements of the Club
  • Details of the vessel as required by the Marina Manager
  • If a non member the endorsement of a member of the Club in writing
  • Completed application forms for all crew members, in accordance with Crew Rules
  • Upon arrival an Agreement will be signed by the boat owner

The Club reserves the right to amend any Marina related fees including but not limited to storage and berthing fees, electrical and water charges, and other utilities or service, by giving one month written notice to the registered address of the boat owner.

For security reasons, only Members and persons authorized in writing may remove any vessel from its berth, or from the Marina.

To ensure the best standards of safety and service for all, the Club reserves the right to transfer a Member’s vessel to an alternative storage slot, mooring or dock should the need arise. Requests for transfers will be considered on a case to case basis by the Club Management.